These are eight basic milestones in the Business to Business sale process. They can be grouped together on some calls and spread apart in others.

  1. Product Service Identification
    • What does my product or service do?
    • What problem does it involve?
    • What need does it satisfy?
  2. Prospecting
    • Finding qualified prospects.
    • A qualified prospect must nee, can use and can afford your product or service.
    • A qualified prospect is capable of buying soon.
  3. Information Gathering
    This is at the core of all professional selling. You can gather information before, during and after the interview.
  4. Problem Identification
    No sale is made until you and the customer reach the point where you both know a problem exists.
  5. Presentation of a solution
  6. Resolving concerns
    Unanswered concerns can sink a sale. They key to resolving concerns is a strong relationship.
  7. Gaining commitment
    This is where you get commitment to take action.
  8. Follow-up and follow through
    This includes resales and referrals.

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