Find Out What 95% of Salespeople Are Doing And Do The Opposite

I remember seeing Zig Ziglar (renowned Sales Trainer from the USA) on the platform a number of years ago here at the Melbourne Town hall when he opened with this line.

He was referring to the fact that we need to be a contrarian in sales, to swim upstream, to get a different result.

So many Salespeople have a “herd” mentality and get the same results that most of the sales team get. They do the same number of hours, take on the same mindset and yet expect a different result.

So what does it take to be a contrarian thinking salesperson?

1. Make a decision as to whatever you want to be in top 5% of salepeople or are you happy to be around budget?

2. Take on a ‘Contrarian Mindset’ by adopting a new set of standards and behaviour.

3. Start focusing on a new Sales Role Model. Who can you model that you admire who gets consistent results?

4. Set your expectations higher than what is expected of you.

Your budget is only a guide- set your own budget.

5. Work when others are Not working!

If everyone goes home at 5pm, go home at 6pm and get the jump on the next day. Send out emails and plan your prospecting in the ‘Golden Hour’ in the office.

6. Do what you say you will.

Most sales people I have worked with let themselves down by not following through on the promises they make. Be careful, this goes to the core of your integrity.

7. Start your week on Sunday Night.

Great salespeople have already started to plan their next week by Sunday so they know what to work on when they arrive at the office on Monday morning.

First Meeting Strategy

The impression we make in the first meeting with a customer can affect the whole sale. Here are four powerful ways to begin the first meeting with a new prospect.

1. Gratitude

‘Mr customer thank you for your time today. I appreciate you are busy so I will be brief and to the point.’

2. Build Expectancy

‘Mr customer you are really going to enjoy what I have to show you today.’

3. Reversal

‘Mr customer I am not here today to sell you anything. I am here to get some information about your company and see if we can help you achieve your goals.’

4. Start with a problem

‘Many companies today have discovered that they are paying 25% too much for their operating costs in this area. We have a system that solves that problem.’

Any one of these four options is an excellent way to show your prospects that you are a professional and they should take you seriously.

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