Speaking Topics

Brad is an experienced conference presenter and as such has a range of topics he can present to your team.

  • Forget Selling, Be the Trusted Advisor!
    Todays sales landscape is built around relationships and trust, Brad talks in this presentation about the fundamental Trusted Advisor Selling principles and the importance of positioning yourself as the strategic sales person.
  • Why Don’t You Sell The Way I buy?
    Understanding why buyers buy is far more important today than how we sell.
    Brad will outline in this presentation the core drivers of buyers and how to understand what the client really wants.
  • How to Close more sales, more often, for more money
    Getting agreement will always be fundamental to a sales persons success.
    We do everything right in connecting and asking the right questions but the moment of truth comes with asking for the business. Brad also outlines the various approaches to closing the business with the Trusted Advisor Selling Method.
  • How to Sell when you don’t like you are selling?
    Slick sales techniques can be spotted a mile away. The Trusted Advisor methodology is all about creating language that works and makes the buyer feel more comfortable.
    Brad has fun with words that sell, questions that engage and phrases that pay.
  • The Trusted Single Enterprise way to success
    Is your business structured like individual silos where all areas protect their own patch?
    Would you like the business units to be all on the same page – one united front with a common message.
    Brad explores the benefits of being the Trusted Single Enterprise way to a sales focused organization.