Business is busy, dealing with operational challenges from day to day make it challenging to be able to think big, think strategically.

Imagine your own unofficial board, a committed group of people all focused on improving your business.

Have you found yourself:

  • Caught up in the doing and not achieving the goals you set out for yourself?
  • Wondering why you got into business in the first place?
  • Not being able to get a moment to yourself to think about where the business is going?
  • Not having a clear strategy and tactical plan to achieve the goals?
  • Lacking areas of expertise which would really create a momentum for your business because you thought you couldn’t afford it.

If you have answered any of these questions with a clear YES, then perhaps your own advisory board for your business is the answer.

Here’s How it works

Assembling your dream team

We work with you to develop your own internal and or external strategic advisory board, creating agreed rules engagement and helping to fill a number of possible gaps with expertise.

Key outcomes and deliverables

  • A minimum 6 meetings each year on your premises.
  • Carefully chosen experts internally from the business and externally to give you the right balance
  • A Strategic Plan drawn up to achieve for the next 12 months and beyond
  • An agenda created to follow for each meeting
  • Expectations laid out for each team member and skills established for the members of the board
  • Reporting by executive team in chosen roles
  • Actions created each meeting and discussion during period in between meetings to ensure progress is being made
  • A scorecard established to track progress

All discussions at the Advisory Board are in confidence, whatever is discussed “in the room” stays in the room. This allows complete transparency for the current challenges and the future goals and aspirations for the business. As a result, no strategic or tactical stone is left unturned.


A game plan needs to be established and with clear vision as to where the business is going. A strategic Planning Session begins the process, budgets established, profit and loss and cash flow analysis also a focus. As our focus is on the strategic, some operational discussions may be referred to another time to create maximum return from each meeting.


With our key scorecard methodology, we know at any time how we are progressing towards our goals. Detailed actions are also established to make sure there is accountability to progress of objectives. There will be number of key indicators, some quantitative and some qualitative to create the right balance.

A tailored package for you….

There is no "cookie cutter approach", each business has its own needs and culture. The approach we take is one off the collaboration, tailoring something that will work in terms of budget, goals and timeframes to achieve the stated objectives.

Some of our clients choose to run a monthly process, others bi-monthly, while some like the Quarterly longer meeting format.

The key is consistency- developing the plan and working the plan by meeting regularly. Contact prior and post each meeting and any other special requirements (for example: marketing, selling or leadership training or monitoring can be accommodated.)

The Founder
Brad Tonini - The Sales Strategist

Brad Tonini is a “hands-on, get your hands dirty” type of chairperson for Your Advisory Board.

He has for over 6 years running Entrepreneur Mastermind Groups with business owners from $ 200,000 turnover to over $ 7,000,000 turnover. He also regularly chairs “Sales leaders Roundtables” for Sales Leaders and Sales Managers.

Brad has had over 12 years in running his own consultancy and is a Sales Strategist and author of the Trusted Advisory Selling concept.

His focus will be very much around the business growth of your business- looking for new markets and developing more strategic focus.

He is also connected to Accountants, Legal representatives, Marketing experts, HR advisors, Business Sales and many other potential faculty members for your own Advisory Board.

Prior to beginning his consultancy, Brad had own business which was one of Australia’s leading executive diary promotional product businesses here and in NZ. He had 27 staff and an executive team that consistently worked with an external consultant in an unofficial Advisory board and he could see first hand the benefits of having experts to talk to and to help in reaching the financial goals of his business. This process he saw first hand enabled him to prepare his business for sale some 9 years ago.

To start the process, to chat in the first instance and see what Your Advisory Board can add to your business, phone 03 9863 9222 or email Brad on [email protected]

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