101 Ways to Keep the Sales Focus
101 Ways Great Sales People Keep The Focus is the second book in Brad Tonini’s “Selling Edge” series. With the hectic pace of life, we often forget to focus on achieving an outcome – whether that be in business or personal. In 101 Ways Great Sales People Keep The Focus, Brad Tonini presents 101 tips designed to give clarity and perspective…to the Sales People, Sales Managers and Business Owners who want results.
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Sales 101
Sales 101 is the first book in Brad Tonini’s “Selling Edge” series Everything you do in business starts with a sale. In this book you will find 101 ideas which work based on more than 15 years of selling experience. Whether you are new to sales or a seasoned sales professional who just needs to revisit ideas to increase performance, Sales 101 is the book for you. Deliberately short and compact, the goal of this mini book is to have a ready-made reference at your fingertips.
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7 Keys to Present Ideas That Sell
7 Keys To Presenting Ideas That Sell is the third book in Brad Tonini’s “Selling Edge” series. The world keeps changing. The business world in particular moves and changes in a heartbeat making it even more important to be able to present your ideas. In 7 Keys To Presenting Ideas That Sell Brad Tonini explains the 7 x 7 business rule.
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The New Rules of the Game
Describes the changing rules of business and life, with the emergence of new technologies and ways of thinking. Explains how these relate to individual circumstances and how they can be used to one’s business and personal advantage.
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Make it Happen Now
Yes, our time is more stretched than ever. In the update of his top seller Brad Tonini sets out 21 strategies to succeed and not feel stressed, guilty or exhausted. Enjoy today, NOW more. Brad reminds us of the basics, of what really is important. Brad shows new ways with the new technologies and new approach to life and work. Brad Tonini writes simply about what it means for you and how no matter what your circumstances you can: Do what’s important first; Set great goals and move towards them every day; Embrace the magic of thinking Big; Do what you say you will; Under promise, over deliver.
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The Trust Edge
When leaders learn how to implement these pillars, they enjoy better relationships, reputations, retention, revenue, and results. Fascinating and timely, The Trust Edge unveils how trust has the ability to accelerate or destroy any business, organization, or relationship. The lower the trust, the more time everything takes, the more everything costs, and the lower the loyalty of everyone involved. Conversely, an environment of trust leads to greater innovation, morale, and productivity. The trusted leader is followed. From the trusted salesperson, people will buy. For the trusted brand, people will pay more, come back, and tell others. Trust, not money, is the currency of business and life!
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The Entrepreneurial Style and Success Profile
Find out what your entrepreneurial style is for running your enterprise. Each entrepreneur has a style blend, learn about your blend and where your areas of strength are in your business and where you may need to enlist the help of others. Comes complete with Entrepreneurial style for you to fill out , Deeper Interpretations of each style and cd Audio of interview with Ken Keis CEO of CRG.
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The Selling Style Profile
Sales people , sales managers and business CEO’S have a selling style blend . Is your style preference providing a congruent message and persuasive connection to your client or prospect? Learn more about your preference and also what you may need to focus on to develop that deeper relationship with your buyer. Comes complete with Selling Style profile for you to fill out , deeper interpretations of each style booklet, and CD Audio with Ken Keis CEO of CRG.
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Your Can Always Sell More
Brads live conference presentation on the fundamentals of the Trusted Advisor Selling approach covers 3 main areas. A great introduction to what it takes to be a strategic trusted Advisor sales person.
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Do You Sell the Way I Buy
Brad shares with a live conference audience why some buyers don’t buy because you don’t understand what motivates them to buy! A presentation which shows you the importance of talking the same language, asking the right questions and understand the style blend of your buyer and what your preference also is.
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Winning at the Game of Selling
So what makes the difference between a great sales person who runs “their business inside the business” and those who don’t perform at their personal best in the marketplace. Brad presents to the live audience how to create that competitive edge in your selling.
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Get The Selling Edge (5 CD Set)
In this 5 x CD audio pack Brad presents some foundational concepts about how to get the Selling Edge. Topics such as Increasing your energy to improve performance , how to Make it Happen , Building a Great sales process , Language that sells , Getting the Competitive Edge.
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The Trusted Advisor Selling Kick Start Pack!
Includes Brads most popular products as a starter pack to immerse yourself in the Trusted Advisor way of thinking. Contains 3 x dvds , 5 x audio Selling Edge edge Series, and the 3 x Mini Trusted Advisor Selling books.
Price: $295.00 (Save $52.95!)