Trusted Advisor Selling

Brad has had over 16 years of running his own business . As a sought after Sales Strategist , he has helped thousands of business owners , sales managers and sales people increase their sales quickly .

His clients now are from a range of industries such as Jayco Caravans, Optus, Isuzu Trucks and John Deere and a host of small to medium sized companies .

An Author of 13 Books, Audio & Video Programs Brad’s energy is said by the audience as someone who is passionate about developing a winning business.

Transforming Sales Teams into teams of Trusted Advisors

Brad Tonini Topics
  • How to Deal with the Price Driven Buyer
  • Do you sell the way your customer buys?
  • How to create a mountain of referrals!
  • The Essence of Pitching
  • How to Seal the Deal