transform sales teams into teams of trusted advisors

Brad Tonini was a born entrepreneur and salesman following his pioneering entrepreneur father who lived each day in business by the seat of his pants ‘following his dream.’

Over the last 20 years, Brad has lived the ‘ups and downs’ of business, battling hard then battling smart. Over this time, his companies (the NGT Marketing Group) had sold over 60 million dollars worth of product in Australia and New Zealand until in 2008 he sold the business to concentrate totally on his consultancy business, Trusted Advisor Selling.

Over these years Brad has been transforming sales teams into teams of trusted advisors, and transforming businesses into trusted Single Enterprises through his keynotes, consulting and training sequences and workshops.

He has been National Speakers Association National President and was awarded the highest award for achievement in NSAA, The Nevin Award in 2014.

HThe Sales Strategiste is the author of five books, and ten audio and video programs.