Plan Each Sales Call in Writing

This is one of the simplest of all time management techniques to implement. It will immediately increase the effectiveness of every sales call you make.

Simply answer these four questions before each sales call (preferably in writing, but at least mentally).

  1. What outcomes do I want from this sales call?
    There may be many outcomes from any sales call. Do I want a sale, a referral, a testimonial letter, a second appointment, information etc? By not asking this key question we often overlook vital outcomes and are unprepared in a sales call.
  2. What will I show the customer in this sales call?
    This depends a lot on the answers to questions:
    Will I show them a letter from a happy customer, relevant figures, a brochure etc? Many times we have all been in a sales presentation wishing we had one extra piece of information with us. We knew that if we had it, our whole presentation would be more effective. However we haven’t asked question number two, so we don’t have that piece of information. By the time we go back to the office and get it, our customers enthusiasm has greatly diminished.
  3. What concerns will my customers have?
    Will they be concerned about price, our reputation, our service etc? Often by taking several moments to think this through in advance we can be better prepared for potential concerns our customer may raise.
  4. How will I ask for action?
    This is a key part of every sales presentation. It can be as simple as asking for the next meeting. How will you do it? How will you ask for the order? How will you ask for the information you need? In planning this in advance, your presentation will be far more professional and get you better results.

When you study the life histories of great trial lawyers who earn over one million dollars a year, the will always say that 90% of their success is preparation. They have thought through in advance what they are going to say. Answer these four questions for your next call.

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