How to Develop Your Unique Selling Package Part 2

Before we move into Part 2 of How to Develop Your Unique Selling Package, if you missed Part 1 I answered the question “Why out of all the vendors available to me right now, should I buy from you and your company?

Your Strategic Message of Uniqueness 

Do you want to improve your strategic selling skills?

The first and most important effort is to work on your two-minute strategic message of uniqueness that explains why someone should buy from you.

Step # 1 – Your Umbrella Statement

In a one line statement – what do you doto whom and for what benefit?

For Example …..”I show ……how to ……..which increases …….”

Step #2 – Your 3 point support statements 

3 key support streams to back that up.

Ie. Lets assume you were an accountant, your strategic message of uniqueness might go something like this :-

I work with small business owners to increase their return on their business and create a great lifestyle”

Your 3 point support statements might be :-

Point 1 – “I work with my clients to take the headache out of compliance issues”


Point 2 – “I help clients to build wealth through creating their own self managed super fund”.


Point 3 – “We increase returns in your business by giving you the very latest advice on tax laws”.

Now you have something that gets the buyers attention and it positions you in a minute or so.

Two last points – to make it really hum along you need to make it third party, in other words “what others say about you”.

Secondly and also it must pass “the so what” factor! Why is that important to the buyer.

Try planning your next sales presentation so you can answer these five questions in the proper and strategic order of explaining your philosophy and big picture first and then getting into the details.

You might already be good at selling but are you good enough to get better?

Did you miss Part 1? Read it online here.

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