Winning The Pitch

How to Present Like a Pro, Be Persuasive, Be Influential and Be Bought

Your Ability to be Able to Present Your Ideas in Front of Prospects is a Competitive Advantage Worth Developing.

When you’re able to present in front of a board, in front of a buyer or a group, you automatically can be seen as an authority and someone who has expertise in a certain area.

The Winning the Pitch Presenting Program is aimed at people who want to be able to present their ideas, but also to present in a way that makes the buyer buy.

This is not a typical presenting skills program. This program is aimed at good presenting skills, but also the ability to get a sell or pitch your idea to a prospect to get bought.

The topic areas that will be covered are:
  1. The confidence game, your confidence helps in getting being bought.
  2. The 3 keys to great presenting your ideas.
  3. The 3 x 3 structure for success.
  4. How to prepare and make your presentation zing.
  5. How to use presenting aids masterfully.
  6. Crafting the presentation for impact.
  7. How to control a presentation to get leads.
  8. How to sell your service from the stage or boardroom.
  9. How to target the board players around the table.
  10. How to create trust through language and phrases.

Here’s How the Program Works:

  1. One full day on developing confidence and structure of the presentation.
  2. One full day on platform mechanics, honing the craft, story telling, and developing your pitch and product.
  3. Included is a post program webinar and Q&A program.
  4. Included is a 150 page manual, templates, guide to presenting.

Prior to the 2 day program, pre-presentation preparation, review materials will be sent out to you up to 3 weeks in advance.

Plus, as a special bonus, any presentation videotaped after the program running for up to 10 minutes can be critiqued by Brad and a video email sent back with some ideas as to how to craft your presentation in the future.

This program is a very detailed program on how to present, but also how to pitch your ideas for profit.