The Essence of Pitching Workshop

How to Stimulate, Demonstrate and Activate for Success!

You have done the hard work; you have a confirmed meeting. Now what?
This is the moment of truth, your opportunity to shine and make the sale!

The essence of pitching is a lost art in the internet driven facebook world and yet when asked all salespeople would say that their conversion rate for new business goes up considerably if they can get face to face with their buyer .

In this workshop , learn how to
  • Be totally prepared for the sales meeting, in the zone.
  • Create a great connection with the buyer in the first 3 minutes
  • Gain engagement
  • Phrase up great questions that work!
  • Present your solution in a captivating way
  • Drive agreement
  • Create a simple 3 step follow up.

Learn a process that can work on every sales call, starting today.

No theory here, just a hands on blueprint for success. Done for you!