Sealing The Deal Workshop

How to Gain Agreement the Trusted Advisor Way

You are at the end of the meeting and it’s time to ask for the business….Aagh!

At this half day workshop, we are going to explore why this happens and what to do about it – so it never happens again!

Our goal: to make sure you increase your conversion right now!

You will learn:
  • A stepped process for asking for the business
    right from the start of the appointment
  • The magic of conceptual agreement and how this changes the game totally
  • How to be forewarned with every possible scenario
    from the buyers response to asking for the business
  • How to change your mindset from an event mindset to a process mindset
  • The process of “next steps”
    so that your buyer is as committed as you are
  • 12 closing techniques to get the buyer to say YES
  • Negotiation language which sizzles

Sealing the Deal is a “rubber hits the road” workshop with plenty of “how to’s”.