Dealing with the Price Driven Buyer

How to sell value and not price

Getting pushed on price? Want to develop strategies to make sure you are not giving away too much?

As a Trusted Advisor, one of our qualities is that we can be a value creator, someone who can hold more margin in every piece of business.

In this program we explore the new marketplace – one where the buyer is trying to commoditise every offering from all vendors .

In this new world it is our job to package and sell differentiation.

At the end of this workshop you will walk away with:
  • Language
    to deal with the price driven buyer
  • A process
    to justify a more premium positioning in the market and to protect it!
  • Key questions
    to ask your buyer to uncover they real motives for purchase so you can target your message
  • 9 phrases
    to combat any direct buyer who is determined to make you discount during the process.
  • A strategy
    you can immediately apply on your next sales call to keep one step ahead of a price conversation.