No More Cold Calling!

Create a Mountain of Referrals With 3 Easy Steps!

The new business machine of the Trusted Sales Advisor is through referrals.

Most sales people who are in our programs start with a word of mouth lead generation process that is adhoc and unconscious. Learn a proactive way of asking for them all the time which fits with your style.

Come along to the next Sales Leaders Briefing and you will learn:
  • The 5 deadly sins of not asking for referrals.
  • Why referrals are the key way Trusted Advisors make more sales
  • How to create a win-win relationship with your clients for ongoing business.
  • Understand how “referral seeds” work.
  • How to create a simple process which is non-threatening and integrity based.
  • How to keep score and track through your own dashboard so you make an ongoing commitment to success