Trusted Advisor Selling

Transforming Sales Teams into Teams of Trusted Advisors

In the technological world in which we live in I believe we are losing our ability to sell .

As I work with sales teams I have noticed that we wait for the lead to arrive today rather than creating it .

Your advantage can be gained in an instant if you learn what makes an influential and persuasive sales person .

Trusted Advisor Selling processes aim to make sales people into strategic and tactical thinking Trusted Advisors .

  • “The Strategic Thinker”
    We work with you to take your thinking from operational selling into tactical and strategic thinking.
  • “The Value Creator”
    Tired of being pushed on price all the time ? The Trusted Advisor Selling Model shows you how to add value to the client conversations so you can hold the margin the sale.
  • “The Dealmaker”
    Learning the great art and theatre of the sale . How to engage the buyer , how to ask great questions that go deeper and how to drive agreement.
  • “The Rainmaker”
    A key skill for the Trusted Advisor is the ability to create rain – to produce more opportunities and to convert the prospect to a sale. We teach a number of methods to achieve more qualified opportunities in your selling efforts.
  • “The Trust Philosophy”
    Our ability to understand the role trust plays in converting business , in generating new opportunities and going deeper with client relationships.

The Trusted Advisor Selling Method is core to our philosophy in all of our programs for Sales Professionals:

Trusted Advisor Selling Workshops

The FrIday School of Sales Program

Trusted Advisor 1 – 1 Mentoring

Trusted Advisor In-house Sales Programs