The Trusted Sales Leader

How to Lead the Sales Team

The pressures on the sales manager today have never been greater.

The pressure to create more sales , more margin and a dream team of sales professionals all create stress to the day of the sales manager.

The Trusted Sales Leader is a mentoring program which raises the bar on sales management to a tactical and strategic level.

Program keys are:

  • To move from an operational to strategic leadership mindset.
  • To be tactical in getting consistency from your sales team.
  • To understand the keys in developing a strategic sales leader’s mindset.
  • To learn the keys of how to lead the sales process.
  • To learn how to coach and motivate the sales team.

Three or six month mentoring program for emerging to experienced sales managers

Key areas included:
  • How to become a strategic thinker and visionary for the sales team.
  • How to develop your own swat team to market.
  • How to be the head coach and facilitator of change inside your sales team.
  • How to develop a five step trusted advisor approach for all sales people.
  • How to develop your strategic message of uniqueness to market for the sales team. How to develop the language to protect from the and buyer.
  • How to create great time management with each sales person and territory management.
  • How to create the one page sales plan for each sales person.
  • How to set the sales budget and create KPI’s and performance standards.
  • How to develop an ID-C close process.
  • How to create a meaningful ride along with your sales team member.
  • How to run monthly, quarterly, and annual reviews.
  • How to recruit new talent. How to induct new talent.
  • How to hold powerful account planning sessions and proactive co-reports.
  • How to run the great sales meeting.
  • How to hold coaching 101’s.
  • How to hold great sales training sessions.

Included in your investment:

An immersion session together [2.5 hours].

6 further formalised one to one sessions on aspects of sales leadership and as a sounding board to your development .

A seven part video series on the role of the sales manager as a self paced learning program.

The creation of a 90 day sales plan for your sales management program

Up to three or six months on call, email, or phone mentoring during the program.

Attendance of Brad at your sales meeting to add value and critique the sales meeting.

The development of your own message of uniqueness for the business by Brad so that you can use this process for your sales people.

To create a set of tribal rules for all sales people to follow.

The trusted sales leader mentoring program is an intensive program designed to drive more sales through your sales people and to create checks and measures into the future so that you stay on track.