Business Owner
Outcome-Based Mentoring

Your Trusted Partner and Sounding Board

In 2008 I sold my executive and promotional product business .

We had 13 full time employees and another 12 part timers in the busy season ( last 4 months of the year ) .

During the time I had this business ( over 15 years I owned the business ) , I experienced all the challenges of the typical business owner . Seasonal cash flow , aggressive competition , staff issues were all part of the journey .

When my business broker achieved a price above my asking price , he told me it was all the systemisation of the business which gave the new owner a great deal of piece of mind .

Today I have many clients who retain my services each month to have me work with their staff , with their sales people and with them , the business owner .

My Business Owner Mentoring services include :-
  • Quarterly processes and monthly check in calls
  • “On speed dial” mentoring as issues arise and you are looking for a sounding board
  • Sales mini workshops for your sales team to hone the skills
  • Mini sessions for non–sales people to drive a stronger sales culture
  • The Trusted Single Enterprise program
    create one united team and to break down any silos in the business between departments
  • Retreat style one or two company programs to build trust and hit the ground running
  • Advisory Board services
    I chair currently 3 advisory Boards where I am in independent 3rd party with your inhouse and external advisors helping to provide an objective opinion.
  • Psuedo Sales Manager services
    I play the Sales Manager to some small teams where there is no sales manager in the business and it helps to alleviate the pressure on the business owner.

All services are customised and fees are according to the project or brief.

Drop me an email and we can chat about options and how we may work together on [email protected]